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TiKa Diagnostics Ltd is a spin out company from St George’s University of London. The company was founded 2014 by Dr Tim Bull and Dr Kai Hilpert. TiKa Diagnostics Ltd is specialized on the detection of Mycobacteria in humans and animals. The company has invented a new patented test able to confirm the diagnosis of Tuberculosis (TB) in adults and children significantly faster, with greater sensitivity and with less contamination than has been previously possible. The company has demonstrated that using the new culture system, they can grow the bacterium that causes TB much faster and from a wider range of types of samples. The new enhancing products can be easily incorporated into existing routine clinical laboratory methods. This innovation will help doctors make faster, more informed decisions on tuberculosis treatments. This will lead to improvements in the efficiency of care, better rationalisation of the cost for hospital stays and help to stop the spread of disease.

Press releases

More Sensitive Test Improves Disease Surveillance In Rhinoceroses And...

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Press Release • 25.10.2018 • By TiKa Diagnostics Ltd

New product to identify badgers infected with bovine TB

Our new product processes badger faeces in a novel manner that enables and promotes the selective culture of bovine TB. Use of this product for... read more

Press Release • 15.08.2018 • By TiKa Diagnostics Ltd